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American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society

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The American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society was founded January 8,1989, by a group of people interested in preserving and promoting the heritage of Schleswig-Holstein in the U.S. Toward that end, ASHHS encourages cultural exchange, promotes family research and genealogical exchange (queries free to members), encourages the study of the languages and dialects of Schleswig-Holstein, and holds conferences, seminars, lectures, and programs relating to the above objectives.

ASHHS is the only German American organization in the world that is dedicated exclusively to promoting and preserving Schleswig/Holstein Heritage.

Our Newsletter is considered by many, to be the best in the country & features the popular Query Section.

Our Genealogy Director is on e-mail and the Genealogy Staff offers free research assistance for ASHHS members only.

ASHHS sells Books, Tapes & an excellent Low German-English Dictionary for sale.The award winning Cook Book Vol I is in it’s 9th printing and has led to Vol. II, featuring many additional recipes.

An Endowment Fund was established in 1999 and the first grants were allotted this year. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are Tax Deductible to extent of law!

The ASHHS Office and Library are located at 121 W Bryant ST, Walcott, IA and are open by appointment only. ASHHS mailing address is ASHHS; PO Box 506; Walcott, IA 52773-0506.

De American Schleswign-Holstein Heritage Society, An Januar 8.1989, een Gruup von Lud de intereseert warn dat Andenken vun Schleswig-Holstein in de United States uprecht to holn, grundet de American Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society. Um dat to doon, ASHHS helps in de Uttusch von Kultur, unnersoch wo de Familien herkom sund und holp mit de Ahnen Forschung (de erste stun kost nix for de Lud, de tau ASHHS gehort). Um dat torecht to kriegen, die American Schleswign-Holstein Heritage Society holps ok mit de Sprack und de Mundarten von Schleswig-Holstein to leern und organesert ok Vortrage, Bespreckungen und Schoolprogramme.

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